Can someone turn on the light ?

Light is described by definition as an  illumination; it is a glare, it is an agent that stimulates a path for visibility.  MATTHEW 5:16 states to “let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven. ”  So, let’s start here by taking a good look at what is being said.  When in an environment of nonbelievers it can become challenging.  It is difficult not to pick up some of the social habits we’ve come to practice as routine.  Office gossip, for example-is a traditional habit.  Although it is listed in all of the training manuals as a “no, no”- it would not be out of the norm to hear it, participate, and tranferr the information.
Here comes the boom.
There has to be a distinct difference between the children of God and the nonbelievers. It is not that as a believer you are better than anyone else or vice versa…it is the responsibility of those saved to lead by example. Afterall, this would make it a lot easier to lead.others  to Christ.
I am most proud of my sister-in law, who has managed this task over the last couple of years. She has taken an  approach to stand on the sidelines when it comes to gossip.  I would say her light is on ?  Is your light on ?
There is more than a slight glare illuminating through the tunnel for me…I’m working strongly from within to eliminate what we do as women so naturally- gossip.
I can humbly  appreciate one of the best compliments I ever received, in which a child of God  approached me and  stated that  she could  see the face of God through me. Again, I am only a servant-my steps are ordered. This was truly a blessing.   Keep thy tongue from evil, and thy lips from speaking guile.  Psalm 34:13

This is my point, we are suppose to be different, because we are different. the spirit, not in the flesh. As a born again Christian I am increasing my illumination.  How bout you ?

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Just Believe


Through a journey that took me a year’s time of hoping, praying, and believing that at the end of the day…the words I heard at 7 years of age while sitting on the edge of the bench on a hot Sunday morning- had to be true.
Everyone prays or hope for something in life- right ?  I believe that much is correct.  So I put my journey on paper for those who have grown tired of waiting for their harvest.  I put days into words for those in the fight for their live- trying to take back their time from a thief called cancer.  I opened my heart to those in prisoned by the thought of suicide and are looking for the right moment for it all to end. The words in this book come alive for the single mothers and single fathers standing up against  all odds for the best opportunities for their family.  Fight, I tell you…and believe that there is something greater and truly divine in your presence; for prayer will open the door and God will show up to show you that now is not the time to give up.
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I absolutely love my samsung galaxy note 2

The Galaxy 2 is absolutely one of the best investments I have made yet. After my coworkers got over the initial size of the screen on my phone-it became apparent I have great visual ability and flexibility of use from a business and personal perspective.  I  can basically utilize any business conference app with comfort. I can not only hear the facilitator clearly but also view the documents that are being presented with great quality.
One of my favorite options on this phone would be the opportunity to copy the screen which includes pictures and documents by simply swiping my hand across the screen. This saves me a great deal of  time in  conducting business.
The picture quality is phenomenal on the galaxy note 2, and I love the fact that I have so many options to share pictures and documents.
I am already addicted to using  the s voice  feature to not only  surf the internet for information but also for scheduling appointments by voice and having them placed on my calendar or simply checking weather conditions.  I can give a voice command and expect no back talk-just great information. If for some reason the answer is not available… the s voice feature simply brings me to the Internet to search for additional information.  Yes,I love this phone.
The size also makes it harder to lose. It’s like having the best of both worlds.It’s a tablet like phone.
Watching movies on the galaxy note
2 is awesome. You can expect quality sound and picture. 
There are simply too many great features to mention-you’ll have to see for yourself.